Another Two Promos For Logan Ask If You’re Ready For Wolverine’s Final Bow

More than a year on from the release of Tim Miller’s wise-cracking Deadpool, the Powers That Be over at 20th Century Fox now have another R-rated hit on their hands in the form of Logan. Yes, James Mangold’s intimate, character-driven superhero movie is almost upon us – March 3rd is the date for your diaries – and now that the review embargo has lifted, the excitement echoing around the four corners of the Internet is palpable.

And so, on the verge of release, Fox has dropped another two promos for Mangold’s upcoming actioner – two promos that ask if you’re ready for Wolverine’s last hurrah. Marking Hugh Jackman’s ninth and indeed final (?) appearance as the iconic mutant, Logan finds our grizzled anti-hero at the end of his tether, as he spends his days working as a reluctant limousine driver to make ends meet. It’s a grim, overly somber setup which, coupled with the dystopian near-future setting, initially ruffled some feathers over at Fox, after it was revealed that a handful of the studio’s executives took issue with the film’s stark shift in tone.


Gone is the cigar-chomping X-Man of old and in his place, we’re introduced to a wounded Wolverine forced out of his self-imposed exile by a young girl named Laura. By displaying many of the same abilities Wolvie is famous for – the regenerative healing factor, those iconic adamantium claws – Dafne Keen’s newcomer unknowingly becomes the high-priority target of Boyd Holbrook’s Pierce and his band of Reavers, teeing up an old-school standoff of Western proportions.

Riding the crest of a wave of stellar reviews, Logan will finally open on March 3rd. For those of you rushing out to see James Mangold’s thriller on day one, you may want to hang around after the credits roll, as it seems Fox has shoehorned in a post-credits stinger at the 11th hour.