Crime-Fighting Hijinks Ensue In This Brand New Teaser For Ant-Man And The Wasp


With its tongue-in-cheek humor and lighthearted spectacle (that super-sized Hello Kitty Pez dispenser is a particular highlight), one could argue that Ant-Man and the Wasp is the perfect antidote to the doom and apocalyptic gloom of Infinity War.

Case in point: this brand new teaser trailer for Peyton Reed’s larger-than-life sequel, which stars the titular, crime-fighting duo as they launch their pursuit of Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp who sadly slipped into the Quantum Realm during the height of the Cold War.

Her sacrifice was enough to sabotage an ICBM before it struck the United States, though the fact that Scott Lang (Ant-Man) was able to survive a daring trip into the Quantum Realm sparks hope that Janet, too, can be saved from the clutches of death. And that’s where Ant-Man and the Wasp begins.

Indeed, this relatively self-contained plot allows the pic to exist as its own separate beast, undeterred by the cataclysmic events of Avengers: Infinity War. Though the fact that Peyton Reed’s pint-sized follow-up finds itself between that aforementioned film and Avengers 4 has led to some pretty wild theories, with the general consensus being that Ant-Man 2 (and Captain Marvel!) will help bridge the gap between one ensemble movie and the other.

So perhaps the Quantum Realm is the key to unlocking Avengers 4 and its many secrets? It would certainly lend credence to those time-travel rumors surrounding Joe and Anthony Russo’s conclusive blockbuster, all the while protecting Scott and Hope from the devastating effects of Thanos’ finger snap – remember, in the Quantum Realm, all concepts of time and space become irrelevant.

We’ll find out more once Ant-Man and the Wasp makes a beeline for theaters on July 6th – or early August, if you happen to be located in the United Kingdom…