Director Peyton Reed Lobbies For Ant-Man/Fantastic Four Crossover


Ever since he launched Ant-Man into the stratosphere three years ago, Peyton Reed has always flirted with the idea of crafting a Fantastic Four movie of his own.

Should the stars align, said movie would whisk Marvel’s First Family off to the 1960s, where they’ve become part of the fabric that makes up New York City. It’s an awesome pitch, as it would also accommodate the impending Disney-Fox merger in that the Fantastic Four could wind up trapped in the Negative Zone, only to emerge in the present day – by which point Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will have likely defeated Thanos once and for all.

But what about the possibility of an Ant-Man/Fantastic Four crossover? Turns out Reed is pretty fond of the idea, as he revealed during a recent interview with Forbes:

I stand by the fact that the Fantastic Four, the comics, are the crown jewels kind of thing and that I think there is still an amazing, unbelievably great Fantastic Four movie to be made. Also, I think thematically the Ant-Man movies deal with a lot of the same things that Fantastic Four does.

There’s certainly thematic similarities between Ant-Man and the Fantastic Four – the science, the light-hearted humor – and Peyton Reed also alluded to the historic agreement between Sony and Marvel that allowed Spider-Man to enter the MCU. Could lightning strike twice?

Via Forbes:

It was exciting when they brokered the deal to have Spider-Man come from Sony and be in Civil War and now be in the MCU. Whether it’s X-Men characters or Fantastic Four or whoever, I have to believe that Kevin Feige has at least some general idea in his mind about how that could work. I have no idea and I’m not privy to all that but it’s exciting as a family.

Ant-Man and the Wasp, meanwhile, is due to hit U.S. theaters tomorrow, July 6th, and so long as you don’t mind spoilers, the sequel’s mid-credits sting leaked online earlier today.

Source: Forbes