Ant-Man Test Footage (Sort Of) Released Online

We reported in mid September that Marvel was considering releasing the exclusively seen test footage for Ant-Man from this year’s Comic-Con online, saying “if the fans demand it we make sure they get it.” Though this doesn’t yet appear to be the case, a talented fan present in Hall H has unofficially recreated the clip from memory and posted it online.

Presented in what is essentially a storyboard montage, Deviant Art user “Samurai Jack” has uploaded his recreation on YouTube and the result (even in its minimalist nature) still hints at something pretty darn impressive and really speaks to why Marvel execs became so intrigued by what filmmaker Edgar Wright had brought to the plate.

Though it’s certainly not much to go on in terms of context (if there was ever intended to be any) the footage does however clue us into the difficulties and concerns Wright and the studio have about mastering the rapid shrinking and enlarging effects need for Ant-Man.

That being said, if they are able to pull it off we’re in for something we’ve never quite seen before, in terms of both practical effects and the finished action sequences.

As of right now, Ant-Man is rumored to shoot after Thor: The Dark World and before Captain America: The Winter Soldier for a 2014 release with Wright taking on screenwriting and directing duties.

In the meantime, get your nerd on with the clip below.

(Source: ComingSoon)