You Can’t Watch Ant-Man’s Test Reel Yet, Blame Disney

You know how it goes: the trailer (or the trailer for the trailer) for a big new release is shown at some highly-publicized nerd Mecca, someone nabs a copy and sticks it on the Internet, whoever’s making the film shuts the whole thing down before finally capitalizing on the publicity by releasing the thing in high quality within the week.

Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has so far enjoyed half of this rite of passage, though there’s been a considerable gap between its July 2012 screening and its still-inevitable official debut. The footage surfaced again earlier today only to be once more removed by Disney. Perhaps this’ll lead to us getting a glimpse a little sooner.

Ant-Man has yet to announce its cast and is set for a late 2015 release. It tells the story of founding Avenger Henry Pym whose ability to shrink to a microscopic size (unlike actual ants) may seem like a curious character trait to devote a precious slot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s lineup to. The film, which Wright has claimed will “kick your ass, one inch at a time”, is being scripted by Wright and Attack The Block‘s Joe Cornish, and is being promoted as having humorous elements despite not being a comedy.

As mentioned, the footage Disney shut down earlier today was from last year’s Comic-Con and presented an early look at the film’s style through test footage. Despite revealing nothing about the plot or cast, Disney’s Disney, so there’s no way we’re getting a look at it without their say so.

The current Ant-Man (Scott Lang) is featured in Matt Fraction’s superb FF, which you should seek out at your local comic store at your soonest convenience. Though Henry Pym’s been involved in some unsavory storylines over the years, Wright’s Ant-Man is sure to focus only on his earliest days a lighthearted adventurer. Between now and late ’15 we’ll also get the director’s The World’s End. Excited for what’s on Wright’s slate? Comment below.