Refreshing celeb couple Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham are ‘too old’ for weddings

anthony edwards mare winningham
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for The Lucille Lortel Foundation

In a move that laughs in the face of over-the-top celebrity weddings, adorable celebrity couple Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham recently revealed that they quietly eloped last year.

Edwards and Winningham were both stars in the 1980s, appearing in a few movies together. They married other people, started families and then both got divorced. Eventually, they ended up in New York City at the same time, according to Esquire.

It helps that they not only look awesome together but relatable and refreshingly normal as well. The actor also revealed that instead of some bang-out, all-hands-on-deck, blow-the-roof-off wedding, the couple preferred a much simpler affair — just the two of them “and an old friend to officiate.”

Why? “We’re too old to throw weddings,” Edwards said.

“She’s just spectacular,” Edwards said speaking of his new bride.

“She’s an amazing singer and she’s a wonderful actress and she’s an incredible person.”

Speaking of the lockdown, it was that particular experience that helped the couple cement their feelings for each other.

“We’ve been having incredible walks,” he told Fox News at the time.

“We have a family staying with us with a young child, our godson, who’s only 19 months old, so we’ve formed this group for the last five weeks. It’s been really nice to get into some different rhythms and also use technology as we’re using today to connect with people. We’re trying to prioritize what is important to this life when we’re realizing how fragile it is when a pandemic can come in and take so many of us so quickly.”

One of the cutest things about the couple is that they played lovers in 1988’s Miracle Mile, and there are plenty of clips of the couple canoodling when they were young.