Anthony Hopkins Tries To Stop A Killer In First Solace Trailer


We’ve been waiting a long time for Solace, the upcoming thriller from 2 Rabbits director Afonso Poyart. Shooting wrapped up back in 2013, and while the film has already seen a release overseas in certain territories, it’s yet to make its way to North America. That’ll change next month though, and to build some anticipation, Lionsgate has debuted a domestic trailer.

Though Solace looks a bit recycled and generic, it does have a unique twist to it. Anthony Hopkins will play a “retired psychic crime analyst” who returns for the proverbial “one last job.” He’ll be helping Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish catch a serial killer (Colin Farrell). It won’t be easy though, as Farrell’s character has supernatural powers which help him stay one step ahead. Sounds interesting, if not a little silly, but judging by this trailer, there’s really not much here that we haven’t already seen before.

Early reviews haven’t been too kind to Solace, and while we’ll reserve judgement until we get to see it for ourselves, we don’t have much hope. When a film takes this long to reach North America, it’s usually not a good sign. That, paired with the uninspired trailer, doesn’t bode well for Poyart’s thriller.

Then again, there’s a solid cast in place here. Hopkins’ name speaks for itself and Farrell recently did some tremendous work in The Lobster. There’s also Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who’s one of Hollywood’s most under-appreciated actors and is only now getting some well deserved exposure thanks to The Walking Dead. So who knows, maybe Solace will turn out to be an enjoyable flick? Either way, we’ll find out soon enough, as it’s due out in theatres on December 16th.