Anthony Mackie Calls Captain America: Civil War ‘A Wing-Ding-Doozy Of A Time’


Marvel’s forthcoming megamovie – Avengers: Age Of Ultron – looks set to bowl over audiences when it arrives this May, followed by an equally explosive experience with phase two closer, Ant-Man in July. This last batch of comic book spectacles have progressed from the films of phase one by creating a denser universe, drawing richer characters and of course, upping the explosions. Looking ahead to the future, and the stakes will be raised even higher for those loveable superheroes and villains with phase three’s first flick, Captain America: Civil War.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have previously hinted at the sheer scope of the threequel, stating that it will send waves across the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Slated to be a ballsier, bigger romp for Cap, this third instalment has now received the seal of awe-inspiring approval from Anthony Mackie AKA Cap’s long-time comrade, Falcon. During a press tour for his upcoming drama, Black or White, the actor spoke out (via Collider) about how it measures up against previous MCU titles:

“Let’s just say it’s a wing-ding-doozy of a time. The great thing about it is, after seeing The Avengers I joked and said Captain America 2 was Avengers 1.5. Now with Avengers 2 coming out… Captain America 3 is so far beyond Avengers 2.5 and onto the realm of Avengers 3.8. It’s by far one of the most stupendous rides Marvel has put together.”

Hearing Mackie talk so enthusiastically about the project adds more weight to previous hints dropped by the Russos. The third solo venture for Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, aims to outdo its predecessors by casting not one, but two major Marvel Cinematic Universe players in starring roles. Heading up the adventure is of course Chris Evans as the titular cap, but this time he’ll be joined by Robert Downey Jr’s smart-mouthed billionaire inventor, Iron Man. The two allies are expected to come to blows – hence the Civil War subtitle. Another recently-confirmed returnee is Scarlett Johansson, who will be slipping into a skintight suit to play Black Widow.

We’ll find out if Captain America: Civil War really is one of the most stupendous rides Marvel has put together when it arrives in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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