Anthony Mackie Says Marvel Better Not Kill Off Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson


With Avengers: Endgame seemingly retiring Marvel Cinematic Universe favorites such as Iron Man/Tony Stark and Captain America/Steve Rogers, the future of the brand now lies in the hands of the other heroes falling under its umbrella. But considering how some of its relative newcomers like Black Panther and Captain Marvel have already proven they can rake in a billion dollars by themselves, I’d say the future looks pretty bright from where I’m sitting.

Whether you agree with me or not, it seems Captain Marvel has at least one major supporter over in Tinseltown, and that’s Anthony Mackie. Having first been introduced to True Believers as the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mackie’s iteration of Sam Wilson has appeared in a variety of flicks in the time since. And now that he’s accepted Steve Rogers’ shield, he’s ready for his next great journey to be explored on the Disney Plus series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Getting back to Mackie’s enthusiasm for Carol Danvers though, an interview that he and co-star Sebastian Stan did with Entertainment Tonight is making its rounds online. Seen above, Anthony seemingly shouts at the 4:16 mark “They better not kill off Brie Larson!” out of nowhere, and the exclamation is causing some chuckles here and there.

Though Mackie likely meant to say he hopes the studio doesn’t put an end to Captain Marvel as a character, I can’t help but laughing at one Reddit user’s comment saying, “He just gave away that Disney has the power to kill its employees.” That’d be pretty frightening, and I’d fully understand the actor’s concern if this were the case (which it’s not).

Of course, this quote comes amid rumors saying that Disney isn’t all too pleased with Brie Larson, yet I’m not so sure of that because, again, she just made them more than a billion dollars earlier this year with her solo outing. And if you’d like to credit her for some of Endgame‘s success, then you can pile more cash on top of that as well. Money talks in Hollywood.

In any case, no official release date has been applied to Captain Marvel 2 at the time of the writing, but recent chatter points toward a 2023 debut.  As always, we’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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