Anthony Mackie Trolls Avatar With Hilarious Avengers: Endgame Tweet


Despite a desperate plea to reach the top, it isn’t looking like Avengers: Endgame will be beating Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time.

It was a good fight, made slightly less fun after Marvel decided to re-release the picture with a couple minutes of “bonus footage,” but a well-fought battle nonetheless. Despite the several characteristics against Endgame, most notably a three-hour runtime, the superhero epic came just short of its goal: only about $18 million behind James Cameron’s Avatar, with the re-release not even collecting $8 million this weekend.

As fans – probably including Agustin Alanis, who according to his Twitter, saw the film for the 154th time last night – begin to accept their defeat alongside Kevin Feige, a source of entertainment may be the tweets the cast threw online in preparation for last weekend.

We already reported on Robert Downey Jr.’s inspirational, “go get ’em” tweet Friday, which included a hand-drawn Avengers rocket ship. But another hilarious one, posted by Falcon actor Anthony Mackie, has taken on a grimmer meaning in the wake of Endgame‘s defeat. You can check it out for yourself below.

This picture has several layers of emotions attached to it now that the film’s lost the footrace. On the one hand, you see the effort of Endgame, portrayed by Captain America’s sprint, coming close to the “blue-people movie,” but now we know he’ll never reach it. Maybe Cap went on to trip or something in the picture.

But also, this callback to the beginning of Sam and Steve’s friendship strikes an even sadder tune once you remember that Chris Evans has left the franchise (*sniffle*) following Avengers: Endgame. Fittingly, Falcon will be taking over the Captain America role whenever Mackie graces the screen again.