Antje Traue Snags Villain Role In Man Of Steel

Variety tells us today that Antje Traue has grabbed the villain role in Zack Snyder‘s Man Of Steel. Well, actually it’s the villainess role. Traue will be playing Faora, a character from the comics. She’ll likely share the screen most of the time with the film’s other villain, General Zod who will be played by Michael Shannon. Traue is a relatively unknown actress and the only place you may have seen her is in the 2009 film Pandorum, which wasn’t that bad. Chances are though the vast majority of people have no idea who she is. Looks like things are going to change for her though.

I’m not too familiar with her and I’m not sure why Snyder would cast yet another unknown. Ok, maybe I can understand why he chose Cavill for Superman but I really don’t understand this choice. There were some great names on the shortlist for the role so I don’t know why he went with Traue. Hopefully it will work out and maybe she’ll surprise us. The question is, will she be able to hold her own against Michael Shannon?

What do you think?

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