Ant-Man Buzz Grows With Solid First Reactions; Post-Credits Sequences Are “Huge”

There was a time when everyone thought that Ant-Man was destined to be Marvel’s first turkey, derailed by Edgar Wright’s unceremonious exit from the pic and a diminished scale in the wake of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now, however, the first reaction are seeping out onto the web (along with a few new pics, as seen above), and the general consensus seems to be that, while the Peyton Reed-directed superhero flick is by no means a classic of the genre, it’s also not half-bad. Of course, there are already some nay-sayers in the mix.

As per usual, Twitter is the medium of choice for in-the-moment reactions, and all manner of press folk have opened up there about what they saw during Ant-Man‘s unveiling on the press circuit. Though full reviews are embargoed a while longer, check out some of the chatter below:

What’s most about the reactions are their pretty universal elation about whatever is in the film’s post-credits sequences. There’s been speculation that the idea of alternate dimensions, where Janet Van Dyne/Wasp is rumored to be trapped, could make an appearance, or that OsCorp could get name-dropped or more. The fact that everyone’s referencing them means that something really big must be in store, so my money’s on a Spider-Man reference or maybe even an appearance by Norman Osborn, who Matthew McConaughey was recently rumored to play.

All will soon be revealed, when Ant-Man opens July 17.

Source: Collider