Kevin Feige Describes Ant-Man As A Heist Movie, Says Black Panther Is On The Way


So far, the best part of the Thor: The Dark World press junket has definitely been all the information that’s been revealed about future Marvel projects, courtesy of studio president Kevin Feige. The goods just come on coming this week, as today we’ve got big news about both Ant-Man and a Black Panther movie.

First, Ant-Man. Other than the bit of test footage that leaked onto the internet, there really hasn’t been that much for us to go off of for the upcoming phase three film. In a recent interview with IGN, however, Feige did touch on the tone of the film, referring to it as a heist movie, which is quite different from anything Marvel did in Phase I or has done so far in Phase II. Feige also said it will be very “Edgar Wright in tone” and revealed that some casting should be announced before the end of the year.

In a separate interview with Black Tree TV, Feige said that a Black Panther movie is definitely in development, he just doesn’t know how soon it’ll be headed to the big screen. Despite the lack of specifics, that’s great news, especially considering how many fans have been vocal about their desire for T’Challa to get a shot at a feature film.

Feige also mentioned that there may be a Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer before the end of the year and talked briefly about Doctor Strange, though all he says is that Strange will be the best way for Marvel to tap into all the various dimensions that are present in the comics but have yet to be seen in the movies.

What do you think of Feige describing Ant-Man as a heist movie? What about Feige’s confirmation that Black Panther is in development? Head on down to the comments section to share your thoughts.