Ant-Man Already Outperforming Guardians Of The Galaxy At Chinese Box Office


Last year, Guardians of the Galaxy far exceeded expectations at the worldwide box office, and while Ant-Man hasn’t hit numbers quite so high, it has so far earned a respectable $409 million. Could the final Phase 2 Marvel movie end up reaching $500 million? It’s certainly looking possible, as Ant-Man has kicked off its run in China with $0.71 million during midnight screenings.

That may not sound like a lot, but it’s 60% more than what Guardians of the Galaxy debuted with, and the James Gunn helmed release ultimately grossed $96 million in the Middle Kingdom.


It’s obviously too early to say whether or not Ant-Man is going to do similar numbers, but it certainly appears to be possible. That would take the movie past the $500 million mark, an impressive haul for a superhero flick featuring an obscure character released during a month as busy as this July was.

Even if Ant-Man doesn’t end up reaching that landmark figure, a sequel has already been given the green light Ant-Man & The Wasp – so fans of the character have nothing to worry about when it comes to Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.