Antonio Banderas Joining The New Mutants As Mystery Villain


As if fans weren’t already against the idea of Fox pushing The New Mutants back well over a year in order to completely reshoot the film, yesterday brought some frustrating news.

It turns out that Jon Hamm was set to appear in a post-credits scene as Mister Sinister, a villain folks have been waiting to see in the X-Men movie universe for years now. However, due to the production being completely overhauled, his scene has been removed.

On the bright side, The Tracking Board’s revealed that another well-liked star is joining The New Mutants instead. While Hamm’s Mister Sinister is out, Antonio Banderas is now in. He’ll likewise cameo as a villain in the film’s tag sequence, though despite how that appears, TB maintains that he’s not simply taking over the role of Sinister and is playing a different, unspecified antagonist.

new mutants

It’s hard not to be disappointed over the news that we could have had a great actor like Hamm finally appear in a superhero movie, after he’s been linked with such high profile roles like Superman and Batman in the past. On top of that, we would have finally seen a villain who’s been hinted at since the final scene of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse introduced EssexCorp, the company of Nathaniel Essex AKA Mr. S.

Still, the news that Banderas is joining The New Mutants instead is pretty cool. Though he’s played Zorro a couple of times, this will be the star’s first foray into the comic book movie world. Given his name recognition, we imagine that Fox would place him in a juicy role, presumably setting up a bigger part in the sequel. We’re thinking he might be showing up as Omega Red, who could fit in well with the pic’s horror vibe, but time will tell.

We’ll get to see what The New Mutants has in store for us when it arrives in cinemas on August 2nd, 2019.