Antonio Banderas Could Join The Expendables 3


Sylvester Stallone loves Twitter. Via this most infectious of mediums he’s teased and taunted fans of The Expendables 3 with rumours, speculation and hearsay. He’s the biggest fanboy of the bunch when it comes to spouting off. You can’t deny though, that the hulking grunter of an actor has a playfulness to his Tweets.  Just now he posted the following Tweetulation:

Banderas’ career in Hollywood kickstarted with as the Mariachi-playing badass in 1995’s Desperado. Since then he’s alternated his resume with proper grown up films (Haywire, The Skin I Live In) and awful kiddy drivel (Shrek, Puss In Boots.) He definitely qualifies as a badass suitable to join the line up, although thinking about it…wouldn’t it had been lovely if he’d kicked some more arse instead of becoming one in Shrek? Well, here’s hoping he signs onto The Expendables 3 and reacquires his cinematic machismo.

Stallone recently ramped up the rumour mill over Mel Gibson’s possible involvement as director of the project. This all turned out to be utter bunkum as last week Patrick Hughes was announced for directing duties. Hughes is relatively unknown except for 2010’s Ryan Kwanten-vehicle Red Hill, which didn’t exactly set anything alight.

So far there’s been little definitive on the casting front – except for more of Sly’s speculation. As it stands, currently set to star are previous Expendables Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Jason Statham along with new blood Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes.

With no date for production set yet, there’s plenty of time for Sly to rile up and excite fans even more so with his hopes for his dream line up. Who knows, he might even let the actual director have his say on the cast.

More news on The Expendables 3 when Sly delivers it.