Antonio Banderas Will Venture Beyond The Edge For New Actioner

Antonio Banderas attends the premiere of "The Expendables 3" in Los Angeles

Antonio Banderas is ready to go three for three with his creative collaboration with AMBI Media Group, the production company headed up by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that after working together on both Black Butterfly and the Andrea Bocelli biopic The Music of Silence – two projects currently brewing in post-production – Banderas has signed on for Beyond the Edge, a new action-thriller to be directed by Aleksandr Boguslavskiy.

Moviegoers have become accustomed to the Spanish great headlining one drama after the next, but Banderas has dabbled in the action genre before, most recently for Sylvester Stallone’s bonkers Expendables franchise – a series that will purportedly continue with a fourth and final installment. This time around, the actor will assume the role of a deft master of fraud, with the early logline teasing what’s in store for Antonio Banderas’ protagonist.

“Beyond the Edge follows a man forced to come to the aid of his son, a master thief with plans to rob a casino. When his son’s plans are foiled by an adversary with an identical agenda but seemingly supernatural abilities, the only route to success is to assemble a team with telekinetic, hypnotic and telepathic powers of their own to carry out the heist.”

Plans are in place for Boguslavskiy’s picture to lens across parts of Italy, Russia, and Georgia ahead of an expected release sometime in 2017, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest on Beyond the Edge as the project begins to coalesce. Meanwhile, Antonio Banderas was part of Terrence Malick’s star-studded Knight of Cups, and has also lined up roles in Unchained, Salty and the aforementioned Black Butterfly for 2017.