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Anya Taylor-Joy’s alleged Peach design leaks ahead of Mario movie reveal


Chris Pratt makes big claim about Mario teaser

Just one day after the alleged design leak of Chris Pratt’s Mario in the forthcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, Anya-Taylor Joy’s Peach design has also allegedly leaked. This all comes hours before the official first trailer for the Illumination and Nintendo computer-animated film is set to be unveiled.

The original Mario design leak allegedly came from a McDonald’s calendar, with the new peach image coming from that same asset. The Peach image was shared on Twitter by the user @StarDumbJam.

For the most part, Peach pretty much looks like how she does in the video games, albeit with more realistic and detailed strands of hair.

When Mario’s design allegedly leaked Wednesday, people immediately began to contrast it against the notorious Ugly Sonic design from that first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer back in 2019 which was eventually reworked for the movie’s 2020 release. Mostly, many hot takes on Twitter were that Mario’s design was pretty good, and was nowhere near the cringe level of Ugly Sonic, despite some more realistic details here and there.

We also got an eyeful of Mario’s backside through an official poster released by Nintendo on Tuesday. Not only did this spur discussion about Mario’s booty looking peculiarly flat, but the Twitter post itself seemed to confirm the official title of the film as The Super Mario Bros. Movie. However, even this seems only tentative at the moment since it is listed on the Internet Movie Database as The Super Mario Bros. Film after spending months lacking an official title on the website.

The official trailer for the Mario movie is going to be revealed via a Nintendo Direct at 3:05 p.m. CT so we will be sure to find out more about the movie then.

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