Apparently Chadwick Boseman Went Method For Captain America: Civil War

Looks like Jared Leto isn’t the only one who went method for a comic book movie role. In a recent interview to promote Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed that Chadwick Boseman did a bit of method acting as well to get into character for Black Panther. He might not have gone as far as the Dallas Buyers Club actor, but apparently he had a very specific process while on set.

“For the entire run of the production, he spoke in that accent, whether he was on camera or not,” says Feige. “He’s that kind of actor, he has a very specific process. It’s very intense performance.”

As anyone who’s seen Civil War can attest to, Boseman does solid work in the role of Black Panther and brings the character to life quite well. Along with Spidey he’s definitely one of the best parts of the film and I think that we can all agree that Marvel made the right choice in casting the actor.

And now, with the hero’s solo film starting to heat up and casting news coming in at an alarming rate, we’re even more excited to see how Black Panther will continue to evolve in the ever changing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tell us, have you seen Captain America: Civil War yet? If so, what did you think of Chadwick Boseman’s performance? Sound off below and let us know!