Apparently Mike Myers Hasn’t Written Wayne’s World 3 After All

Earlier this week we brought you the surprising news that Mike Myers had returned to the dreaded pit of former franchises in an attempt to, like, make a good movie for the first time since forever. The script for Wayne’s World 3 had been completed by the man himself (apparently), so the world naturally presumed that shooting wouldn’t be far off.

If you were, of course, excited by that news in any way, then prepare to be unexcited by this news in every way: the completed script story is just a hoax, according to pretty much everybody who tried to follow it up and were met with a fake email address and a confused EW reporter whose name was used to make it all seem legitimate. Oops.

This is the rather thin plot synopsis that got everybody excited:

Mike Myers has announced that he has finished an early draft of ‘Wayne’s World 3.’ The story is suppose to focus on Wayne and Garth coping with the new era of music, transitioning from access cable to streaming internet (ala Youtube) and Wayne balancing his marriage to Cassandra.

How do you feel? Do you need a moment? Do you seriously want Wayne’s World 3, given how God-awful The Love Guru turned out to be? All these questions answered live, now, in the comments section, where you’ll write them.

Source: First Showing

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