It Appears As If Logan Marshall-Green Will Play A Familiar Character In Spider-Man: Homecoming


Spider-Man: Homecoming has assembled an absolutely massive cast, with the identity of a lot of the characters remaining under wraps, but it appears as if we now know some details on one of the more mysterious ones. During the casting process, Marvel and Sony rarely identified who the actors had been chosen to star as, but a new report claims to shed some light on Logan Marshall-Green’s role.

The Prometheus actor will reportedly start out as a member of Adrian Toomes’ cleanup crew and his name is one that’s sure to be familiar to fans of Spidey’s comic book adventures. Apparently, he’ll play Jackson “Montana” Brice, a member of The Enforcers in the source material, but someone who took on the mantle of Shocker in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

We already know that Bokeem Woodbin is playing Herman Schultz, but perhaps the Vulture’s entire gang will try the gauntlets out before he ultimately takes them for himself. Either way, it should be interesting to see how Montana factors into Spider-Man: Homecoming and what this means for Shocker. After all, the villain has always been considered as something of a joke, so perhaps the mantle will move from person to person before it’s retired by the wall-crawler.

We’ll just have to wait and see, but this new Spider-Man: Homecoming detail has only served to make the movie all the more intriguing. After all, The Enforcers have classically been made up of four men, so could it be that a few other actors will play the rest of this classic group of villains? Time will tell, but it’s sure sounding like there’s a whole lot to look forward to in the upcoming reboot from Marvel and Sony.

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