It Appears As If Luke And Leia Will Be Reunited In Star Wars: Episode VIII


Tragically, Carrie Fisher died earlier this week and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, passed away just one day later. As a result, it feels almost ridiculous to be worrying about the next Star Wars movie, though some fans are understandably anxious to know how Fisher’s passing will affect the franchise from Star Wars: Episode VIII onwards.

It’s already been reported that General Leia has a larger role in the upcoming movie, but how Disney and Lucasfilm will now handle the character’s future beyond that remains to be seen. They may decide to kill her off when reshoots take place or may find a way of writing her out by the time Episode IX rolls around. For now, we simply don’t know as the studio has remained silent on the matter.

Earlier this week though, a photo posted by Star Wars: Episode VIII star Oscar Isaac revealed that Luke and Leia will be reunited in the movie. As you can see below, he photographed them together – seemingly in costume – on the set of the Rian Johnson-helmed release, accompanying it with a very touching message.

“She had no patience for pretense or small talk. She saw through things, at a different angle, with the gritty wisdom that comes from the hardest lessons. And, man, did she make me laugh. Will miss you dearly, Carrie.”

Disney has a lot of time to think about the best way to handle Fisher’s passing, but for now, it’s infinitely more important for her family to get through this difficult time. At the very least, fans of the franchise will no doubt be glad to know she shares scenes with Mark Hamill in Star Wars: Episode VIII, as that may very well be a fitting end to the iconic character’s story arc.