Aquaman 2 Will Reportedly Feature More Magic And Bizarre Monsters


Aquaman 2 is currently preparing to film and, if all goes to plan, will greatly expand the exciting world that James Wan established in the billion dollar hit Aquaman. Exploring the kingdom of Atlantis and its undersea creatures was one of the best parts of the original movie, with highlights including the ravenous horde of the Trench and the gargantuan sea colossus Karathen (as voiced by The Sound of Music‘s Julie Andrews).

But a new report from leaker Daniel Richtman says that the sequel is planning to crank up the magic and bizarre monsters and will be a lot weirder than the 2018 movie. If this is indeed their aim, then Wan certainly has a wealth of beasts from Arthur Curry’s long comic book history to draw from.

One that fits the bill is Slizzath, a member of a splinter group of Atlanteans who mastered dark magic with a special talent for necromancy. In the comics, he led an army of the dead, transforming himself into a demonic nightmare in the process. Another option could be the Creature King, a human who underwent experimental procedures to hybridize him with ocean life, turning him into an adversary bristling with a crazy amount of superpowers (this would also nicely tie in with Dolphin’s origins).

But my favorite is the Dead Water. This isn’t a specific villain but more of an evil essence that can infect humans and turn them into disgusting aquatic monsters. It’d be fun to see some existing characters undergoing this mutation, particularly if they wanted to bring back Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta with powers that’d let him go toe-to-toe with Aquaman on his home turf.

In any case, with shooting expected to begin soon, let’s hope we get some confirmation on what Arthur and Mera will be up to next in the not too distant future.