Aquaman Creature Description Seemingly Confirms The Trench


Way back in 2014, before James Wan had even signed on as director, there was a rumor doing the rounds that the King of Atlantis would do battle against a lethal race of carnivorous creatures known as the Trench in the solo Aquaman adventure. We hadn’t heard anything about these deep-sea devils since, but a new report now seems to have confirmed their involvement.

On the latest edition of the Superhero News podcast, the guys shared a few details on some mysterious monsters that they heard will be introduced in the film, and although the Trench aren’t mentioned by name, they certainly fit the description (human-fish hybrid, sharp claws and teeth, not the friendliest). Whether the creatures turn out to be the Trench of not, they’ll apparently be brought to life by practical effects with minimal use of CGI – which is good to hear.

Though these nightmarish beasties may not play a very large role in the plot, their inclusion definitely suggests that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is going to have his hands full in the film, as he’ll also be facing off against his devious half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson), Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Dolph Lungren’s King Nereus. Good thing he’ll have Mera (Amber Heard) to watch his back, then.

Aquaman recently commenced production in and around Australia’s Gold Coast, with Warner Bros. releasing an updated title card and full cast list to mark the occasion. With shooting now well underway, you can expect more updates to arrive soon ahead of the film’s debut on November 17th, 2018.

Source: CBM

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