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James Wan Reacts To Aquaman Passing The Dark Knight Rises

In light of Aquaman's latest box office triumph, writer-director James Wan has taken to Twitter to celebrate the achievement.

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At $1.09 billion and counting, Aquaman is now officially the highest-grossing DC movie ever made.

James Wan’s standalone adventure cruised past The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, and the filmmaker took to Twitter to commemorate the latest box office feat in the most perfect way. Rather than shouting from the rooftops, Wan was as humble as ever, and simply quoted an extract from Deadline’s scoop, reaffirming that for Warner Bros., orange really is the new black.

Batman’s six-year reign is over, and in his place stands the King of Atlantis. 2018 was a remarkable year for Jason Momoa’s DC hero, who bounced back from two mediocre, nigh-on forgettable appearances in Batman V Superman and Justice League – through no fault of his own, of course – to headline Aquaman, which has officially cemented its status as one of the most successful superhero movies ever made.

And here’s the celebratory tweet, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Pretty cool, eh? Indeed, I think I speak for most DC fans when I say that no one – no one – expected Aquaman to trump The Dark Knight Rises at the global box office prior to release. And yet, James Wan’s superhero spinoff defied the odds, spurring talk of a direct sequel with Jason Momoa back in the driving seat as the savior of Atlantis. And Wan? He’s already kicking around ideas for Arthur Curry’s next solo outing and, more specifically, his next major foe. Hint: it rhymes with Lobo.

And while Warner Bros. still has Shazam! (April 5th) and Wonder Woman 1984 (June 2020) waiting in the wings, Aquaman is currently the undisputed king of the DC universe. And long may he reign.

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