Aquaman And Flash Cameos In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Revealed?


According to the new report, Batman V Superman will see the Caped Crusader break into the offices of Lexcorp and Cadmus Labs (a sketchy scientific research facility owned by Lex Luthor), and hack into their computer system.

While there, he sees surveillance footage of the two Justice Leaguers in question. Aquaman is reportedly being held prisoner in a containment chamber somewhere, and is seen slapping his hand against the glass. As for The Flash, he’s seen as a blur stopping a robbery.


That Flash tidbit isn’t new, as it was previously reported that that’s how he’d appear in Batman V Superman. Production on the film began long before Ezra Miller was ever cast in the role, so the fact that we wouldn’t actually see his face on screen makes sense. As for Aquaman, that’s not exactly the most exciting cameo, but may explain why Suicide Squad‘s Amanda Waller supposedly has his trident in her trophy case.

As with all unsubstantiated reports, I’d take this new update with a massive grain of salt. Heroic Hollywood doesn’t cite where they’re getting this info, and there’s always the chance that it could prove false. Still, it’s worth mulling over nonetheless and is another tidbit that will help tide us over until more is revealed during San Diego Comic-Con next month (where WB is said to have a major DC panel).

Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will arrive (with or without the King of Atlantis and Scarlet Speedster) on March 25th, 2016.