Aquaman Plunges Beneath The Waves In All-New Action Shot For Justice League


When he’s not breaking the ice upon meeting a certain Bruce Wayne, or harpooning Parademons mid-flight, Aquaman will spend a fair amount of Justice League beneath the waves. They don’t call him the Atlantean King for nothing, you know.

And to prove it, Total Film (via CBM) has today relayed a stunning new image of Arthur Curry in his natural environment. Eyes forward and fists clenched, it’s unclear why Aquaman looks so angry in this particular scene, though we imagine it has something to do with Steppenwolf laying siege to one of three Mother Boxes.

Not unlike Thanos’ quest to retrieve all six Infinity Stones in Marvel’s super-sized Avengers: Infinity War, Justice League will largely revolve around an alien entity (Steppenwolf) touching down on Earth to seize control of ancient artifacts. In keeping with DC lore, years ago those Mother Boxes were divided up between three factions: Themyscira, Atlantis and the kingdom of men. So when the supershit hits the superfan, it’s all but certain that Steppenwolf will invade Aquaman’s underwater home in order to lay claim to one such artifact.

At least, that’s the general consensus. See if you can spot any minor story clues in the photo below:

It’s undoubtedly a badass close-up of Arthur Curry in action, and we pity any fool who dares stand in his way. Even if that fool happens to be a towering alien from the planet Apokolips.

Much like The Flash and Cyborg – and, to a lesser extent, Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader – Justice League will act as a jumping-off point for DC’s slate of solo movies, with Aquaman poised to dock in theaters on December 21st, 2018. It’s currently the only DCEU flick slated for next year, as Shazam! and the untitled Wonder Woman 2 are expected to follow in 2019.