Aquaman Described As An “Immensely Scary Horror Movie”


Aquaman may have been a bit of a joke in the comic book world up until this point, and probably still is to some people, but director James Wan is looking to change that in 2018 when he delivers the hero’s big screen solo outing, with Jason Momoa in the title role. It’s a project that’s shaping up quite nicely so far and if a recent DCEU leak posted to Reddit is to be believed, we should all be very excited for the pic.

After giving us a bit of information on some of the villains we may see in The Batman, the same Reddit user has now delivered a juicy scoop on Aquaman, and it sounds like the film will be offering up a wildly different take on the character. According to the post, the studio is aiming to make an “underwater horror movie” and of all their DCEU projects currently in development, this is the one that’s been generating “the majority of the excitement at the office.”

Furthermore, the script has been labeled as a “fantastic new superhero genre” and is “immensely scary albeit satisfying.” As such, Warner Bros. has high hopes for the project and is taking their time with it, hoping to have it be the “new standard for future DCEU movies.” That’s a whole lot of hype, and as with all rumors stemming from Reddit, we’d advise taking everything here with a grain of salt. Still, it’s definitely exciting to hear and with James Wan at the helm, we’re inclined to believe all this.

For one, he’s a terrific and hugely talented filmmaker, one who has more than proven himself already. Not only that, but given his horror background and the fact that he’s known for being able to scare the sh*t out of audiences time and time again, thanks to films like The Conjuring and Insidious, it makes perfect sense that he’d bring some of that stuff over into Aquaman. Don’t get us wrong, this will still be a superhero movie first and foremost, but the claims about it being scary and having horror elements sound exactly like what we’d expect to see with Wan directing.

Production is now underway on the project, so we’ll hopefully be able to lay eyes on some footage towards the end of the year and at that point, we’ll be able to see how accurate this all turns out to be. But if this is indeed the direction that the studio and Wan are taking, turning Aquaman into an “underwater horror movie” that’s set to be “immensely scary,” then we can safely say that the character’s solo outing just got a whole lot more exciting.

We’ve seen superhero movies flirt with horror in the past, of course, but with one of the genre’s most talented directors in charge here, it truly does sound like Arthur Curry’s about to be given a drastic makeover, one that might just result in the DCEU’s best film yet.

Source: Reddit

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