Aquaman Set Photos Show Off Arthur Curry’s New Costume


Despite 2018 being jam-packed with genre flicks, Aquaman is the comic book movie that I’m most looking forward to this year because it’s something fresh. Sure, we may have paid a brief visit to Atlantis in Justice League, but this is a corner of the DC Extended Universe that’s largely unexplored – and I can’t wait to see what director James Wan has in store for us.

For years, I’d surmised that such a film done right could be amongst the biggest superhero tales imaginable, especially with it being underwater. Really, as long as the production design and visual effects departments are in perfect harmony with the stunt coordinators, there’s no limit to what this production can achieve.

Well, from the look of it, those crafting the costumes are firing on all cylinders as well. Thanks to a picture someone snapped of key art promoting Aquaman, we received a general idea of what Arthur Curry will be wearing into battle in his next cinematic outing. Now, thanks to some set photos circulating over at Reddit, we have an even clearer idea of what to expect.

As you can see, Jason Momoa continues his progression of increasingly elaborate costumes, making what he donned in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice look modest by comparison. If you were to ask me, this could very well be something worn by Atlantean military, as it’s quite heavily armored.

What I can’t be too sure of, however, is if the pants sported in the images are part of the ensemble. It’s very possible the crew dressed Momoa from the waist up to achieve certain shots, something that isn’t uncommon for this type of movie. Hey, you didn’t think each actor to have played Batman wore all the gear for Batmobile chase scenes, now did you?

Aquaman opens in theaters on December 21st.

Source: Reddit