Jason Momoa Shuts Down Fan Who Doesn’t Like Henry Cavill’s Superman


The DCEU is currently in a period of transition, as Warner Bros. reassess their plans in the wake of the underwhelming box office performance of Justice League. But while Aquaman is right now in the midst of getting the franchise commercially back on track after several divisive films, actor Jason Momoa won’t let a bad word be said about the hero who helped put this cinematic universe in motion.

When the Game of Thrones star attended Puerto Rico Comic-Con, it came to light that one attendee wasn’t a fan of Henry Cavill’s take on Superman. The situation escalated quickly as Momoa got out of his chair and wandered to the front of the stage, asking the detractor, “You got a problem with my boy?” And even though we can probably assume the actor was only kidding, this still looks like a pretty frightening confrontation to be on the receiving end of.

Momoa has long made it clear that he maintains a sense of loyalty towards his DCEU peers. The actor has repeatedly gone on record showing his gratitude towards director Zack Snyder in particular for bringing him into the franchise as the new Arthur Curry, even admitting earlier this month to being “obsessed” with the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League.

As for Cavill, after months of reports alleging that the actor was exiting from his role as Superman, Momoa shot down such hearsay a couple of weeks ago, claiming that Cavill was “absolutely not” out of the game and that he “loves the character.” What exactly the future holds for the DCEU’s Superman remains to be seen, but at the rate Aquaman is currently going at the box office, it certainly looks like Momoa still has a future in the franchise.