Aquaman Shows Off His New Armour In Set Photo


There are probably some tough decisions being made at Warner Bros. right now. With Justice League suffering critical derision and underperforming at the box office, the DCEU has got to be on the ropes. Fortunately, though, James Wan’s Aquaman is way too far along in production to cancel, as demonstrated by the below set pic of Jason Momoa sporting a new suit of armor.

Despite the butchered editing and mangled plot of Justice League, Momoa’s Aquaman proved to be an enjoyable and charismatic figure, and I’m glad we’re going to get more of him. From what we can see of this new armor, it looks like an interesting departure from what he wore before. There’s a DIY, almost junkyard look to this, as if it’s cobbled together from several different suits of armor long consigned to the briny deep.

Take a look and see what you think:

We don’t know much about the plot, or how this new look might figure into it, but we do know that the solo outing finds Aquaman torn between his undersea kingdom and life on land, with tension building between Atlanteans wanting to invade the surface and pollution affecting life in the deep. We also know we’re going to see Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, Aquaman’s evil half-brother, Dolph Lundgren as another king of the ocean and Nicole Kidman as the former queen of Atlantis, all of which are solid as hell casting choices (especially Lundgren).

It’s beginning to feel like a long time since Aquaman was the butt of everyone’s superhero jokes as the ‘talks to fish’ guy. I guess if Justice League accomplished anything, it at least gave audiences notice that Momoa’s take on the character did the impossible and made him cool. That, coupled with James Wan’s action film pedigree hopefully means that Aquaman will be less of a Justice League and more of a Wonder Woman. We’ll know for sure on December 21st, 2018, when the film opens.