Archie Comics Head To The Big Screen For A Live-Action Riverdale


When I think, “What comic books really need to be adapted to the big screen,” my immediate response is “Archie!” At least, that’s what Warner Brothers is banking on, as the studio recently closed a deal to produce a live-action version of the on-going and popular comic series.

Directing duties for the Archie film (no proper title as yet) fall to Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore. Warner Brothers has further tapped Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the Glee writer and producer, to write the script. Aguirre-Sacasa has some Archie credentials already as the writer behind Archie Meets Glee and the upcoming Afterlife With Archie. The latter is apparently Archie meets The Walking Dead. A far cry from the wholesome Americana of Riverdale, huh? There’s no indication that the Archie film will mine the depths of the undead, but there’s always a chance.

I shamefacedly admit that I was unaware that Archie still existed. It’s always seemed to me a relic of bygone days, and less of a force in contemporary culture. But Warner Brothers is betting on the combined popularity of a classic series, and the addition of the more relevant Glee and Pitch Perfect. I guess.

Combining Aguirre-Sacasa and Jason Moore, however, makes me wonder if we’re not going to get a very musical version of Archie. Given that the comics already inspired a pre-fab band way back when – you may have heard that perennial favorite ‘Sugar-Sugar’ – does this mean we’re going to get some Glee-ish musical numbers in the midst of Riverdale nostalgia?

No word yet on who will play the perpetual high-schoolers. But the deal has only just been closed, so we can expect some casting news before long. Right now we can just bask in the glory of a return to Riverdale. Probably in song. Dear. God.

What do you think of an Archie movie? Best idea, or bestest idea? Let us know in the comments.