Ares Action Figure Offers First Incredible Look At Wonder Woman Villain

Whether or not you were fortunate enough to attend New York Toy Fair this past weekend, it’s probably safe to say that it came as a blessing to us all. Not only did we get new glimpses of the Justice League via some highly detailed premium statues – in addition to the Batmobile to be featured in the film – but our first substantial look at the villain in Wonder Woman was granted as well.

Not long ago, some images of Wonder Woman action figures from the DC Multiverse line that will soon hit the open market found their way online. As it so happened, each came with a unique part of Ares’ armor, signifying that he would indeed be the build-a-figure for that particular wave. But, it was just that: We saw only fractions of him.

Since then, word had gotten out that David Thewlis will inhabit the role of the God of War, who is said to be brought to life thanks to a blend of CGI and practical effects. Knowing how menacing and tremendous in stature the character has appeared in comics and the hit video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, that definitely sounds like the proper route to head in.

Getting back to the topic of collectibles, a fully assembled build-a-figure was proudly on display next to other DC-related items at the convention, which can be seen at the top. And, from the look of it, Ares appears every bit as threatening as one would hope, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for the most epic of third acts.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters on June 2nd.