Armie Hammer Roasts Marvel Chairman For Trump Donations


The public found out earlier this week that Equinox owner Stephen Ross was planning to host a fundraiser for President Donald Trump and obviously, this news didn’t sit well with most of Hollywood, who’s been very vocal about their displeasure with the controversial commander-in-chief.

Many high-profile members of the gym cancelled their membership and encouraged their fans to boycott other companies with ties to Trump. This prompted Armie Hammer to take to Twitter to remind everyone that Chairman of Marvel Entertainment Isaac Perlmutter is also one of the Donald Trump’s largest financial contributors.

In his own words:

“Hey, while everyone seems to be on this Equinox thing, it might be a good time to mention that one of Trump’s largest financial contributors is the chairman of Marvel Entertainment (Isaac Perlmutter)….. jussayin.”

In fact, Perlmutter’s relationship with Trump seems to go even further than that. The chairman served as a member the president’s inauguration committee and was named one of three individuals authorized to direct policy at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Clearly, these two are thicker than the Lone Ranger and Tonto. It remains to be seen if this revelation will negatively affect Perlmutter’s career though in the same way the aforementioned movie did to Hammer’s.

Many casual fans might not even know who this guy is, but his impact on the MCU cannot be understated. Perlmutter was the CEO of Marvel Entertainment and oversaw the development of related projects until 2015 when Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reportedly grew frustrated working with him. Internal restructuring then allowed Perlmutter to remain onboard in a different capacity.

The president’s buddy is apparently just as controversial as he is, though. It’s long been rumored that Perlmutter was the principal reason behind Marvel’s lack of diversity, which fits with many of the racist policies and antics that Trump’s known for. Hopefully his evident political leanings will spell the end of his tenure at the company. If not, Hammer will likely have to kiss any hopes he had for a major Marvel role goodbye.