Armie Hammer Won’t Stop Teasing Fans About Those Green Lantern Corps Rumours

Green Lantern

You may recall that Armie Hammer caused quite a stir last year by teasing the possibility that he was about to join the DC Extended Universe. For the most part, it appeared as if The Long Ranger star was making fun of the fact that people jumped to that conclusion based on some Twitter follows alone, but the vast majority of fans have not moved on from the possibility of him playing Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps.

It would be a solid bit of casting on the part of Warner Bros., and exactly the sort of news comic book fans need right now to restore their faith in the studio. The signs are pointing to a member of the Corps showing up in Justice League later this year, but not the one that everyone wants to see, so some concrete news on who may be playing Jordan would be very welcome right about now.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Hammer once again teased a possible Green Lantern Corps role with the following response to an inquiring fan:

Had Hammer actually signed on to play Hal Jordan, you have to believe we would’ve heard something official already. After all, it’s unheard of for actors to tease a role like this if they’ve actually signed a contract. Still, there is one good thing to come from all this commotion, and that’s the fact that the rumors and speculation must have put Hammer on Warner Bros.’ radar by now, so who knows? He may not be in line to join Green Lantern Corps, but perhaps there’s another DC Extended Universe role lined up for him. Time will tell, but we wouldn’t rule it out just yet.