Arnie’s Back In This New Terminator: Dark Fate Promo


San Diego Comic-Con is now underway and kicking things off is a brand new featurette for Tim Miller’s upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate, which will be following on directly from the ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, much like the recent Halloween knocked all the sequels from continuity. And so far, it seems like that was the right move.

We’ve seen quite a bit of the pic already and it’s definitely looking promising. In fact, it’s looking even better than the last three Terminator films combined. Now, with this new promo straight from SDCC 2019, we get an even better idea of what’s in store for us and as with the last preview, it teases a gritty aesthetic, some top notch effects work, exciting action and, of course, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yes, the action icon is back for more and joining him is an impressive cast boasting names like Linda Hamilton, Gabriel Luna, Mackenzie Davis and even Edward Furlong, who we found out today will be returning to the franchise after decades away from it. With all that talent on board, and James Cameron acting as producer, it seems as if the series is finally about to get back on track. Or at least, we certainly hope it is.

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough, as Terminator: Dark Fate will shoot its way into theaters worldwide on November 1st. It’s the day after Judgment Day, for those keeping track, so we imagine that John, Sarah, and the T-800 will be stepping into a desolate, hopeless world. And quite honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.