Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates 500 Turkeys To Feed The Hungry For Thanksgiving

arnold schwarzenegger

Fresh from being carved up himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger looked ready to feast on a turkey for his Thanksgiving family dinner. The Terminator star posted a video on social media proudly displaying his plump, succulent bird, which had a humungous ornate knife sticking out of it that looks like it’d stop a Predator in its tracks. But Arnie wasn’t just showing off his “fantastic” turkey, he was calling on his fans to give to charity.

With the coronavirus pandemic still killing thousands of Americans every day and having wrought immense economic damage to the country, many are either choosing to stay safely away from their families for fear of infecting them or simply don’t have the money to mark the holiday after losing their jobs and homes. As such, the Hollywood star has donated 500 turkeys to the Hollenback Center in East Los Angeles to feed the hungry.

This is apparently a gesture that Schwarzenegger has made for the last twenty years, meaning he’s gifted a whopping 10,000 birds over the last two decades. That’s a lot of Thanksgiving dinners. In ordinary circumstances, he visits in person to deliver them and bring some smiles to the faces of those present, but this year he’s been advised to stay away because of COVID-19 (probably a smart move due to him still recovering from his heart operation).

So, what’s new elsewhere for the actor? Well, Iron Mask just premiered on VOD. The Russian-Chinese production is the sequel to 2014’s The Forbidden Kingdom and also notable as one of the final films that Rutger Hauer shot before his death. It’s apparently terrible, but if you want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger throwing down with Jackie Chan, this is the place to be.

Coming sometime soon, meanwhile, is a new TV show from Scorpion creator Nick Santora. Details are thin on the ground, but it seems to be a spy adventure about a father/daughter team, which sounds promising.