Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Back To The Farm In First Maggie Image


Zombies! They’re all the rage right now, though I guess they never really went out of style. But you know who has yet to make a foray into the zombie subgenre? Do you know who has been missing? The Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not to worry! His upcoming film Maggie is going to change all that.

That’s right, Arnold will be taking on the undead in the form of Abigail Breslin. The actress plays a small-town teenager who contracts a virus that turns her into a flesh-eating creature, while Arnold is all set to play her farmer father who tries to help his daughter. Aw, that actually sounds really sweet.

Maggie is actually quite a small film, with Breslin and Schwarzenegger the biggest names in a cast that includes newcomer Aiden Flowers, Rachel Whitman Groves (she’s also in Spike Lee’s Oldboy), and TV actress Amy Brassette. It was scripted by John Scott 3 and is being directed by Henry Hobson, both relative newcomers. It will be interesting to see how they make this one work.

With principle photography on Maggie currently underway, the first picture of Arnold as a farmer and Abigail Breslin as his daughter has arrived. I’ve got to say that Arnold looks pretty convincing, all things considered. We’ll have to wait to actually see the film, of course, but I’ll give props to Mr. Schwarznegger for throwing himself back into the acting thing with a gusto. He’s changed his physical appearance a number of times for different parts; if he’s still a bit of a one-note actor, he plays that note really well.

Maggie does not yet have a release date, but we’re expecting it to hit sometime in 2014. Check out the first picture of Arnold et al below and let us know what you think of this potentially low-budget zombie flick in the comments.