Arnold Schwarzenegger Making $10 Million Upfront For Next Film

At 63, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, even after his absence from the big screen due to his years as the Governator. He’s currently in a negotiations for a huge financial deal to star in Cry Macho, an adaptation of the 1975 novel by N. Richard Nash. Apparently Schwarzenegger will be paid $10 million upfront as well as 25% first dollar gross to top it off. Filmmaker Al Ruddy has bought the screenplay and director Brad Furman is at the helm, he describes Cry Macho as “The Ransom Of Red Chief meets Ruthless People with the heartbreak of Paper Moon.

The plot revolves around a horse breeder who won the Kentucky Derby but looses his wife and child, turning him into an alcoholic. He begins working for a wealthy hedge fund businessman who tasks Schwarzenegger with recovering his son from Mexico. The drama focuses on the road trip between Arnold and the young boy who develop an unlikely bond where they learn from one another along the way.

It sounds incredibly mundane and the format has been done before in numerous films, but never with a star like Schwarzenegger. For his first movie back, it seems like a long shot in hopes of reaffirming his old former big screen glory, and Schwarzenegger isn’t known for his dramatic turns in films. Still, its an interesting direction for him to take and his time away hopefully has enhanced his vision as an actor. One thing is for sure though, Schwarzenegger has been busy lately with his return back to Hollywood after reviving the Terminator franchise and creating The Governator animated series with Stan Lee. His performance in Cry Macho could be an upswing for the relaunched career of the aging juggernaut.

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