Arnold Schwarzenegger Reportedly In Talks To Cameo In The Flash

Mr. Freeze Batman Robin

The movie may have been awful and his hammy performance was one of the many reasons why, but by all accounts, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a great time shooting Batman & Robin. The action icon was paid $25 million to spend just six weeks of the four-month shoot on set, which included the very 1990s scenario of taking visits from Jon Bon Jovi so that they could smoke cigars together during the actor’s downtime.

He also barely interacted with his co-stars, only seeing George Clooney in passing, while he never actually met Chris O’Donnell until the movie’s premiere. Not only that, but Mr. Freeze’s total screen time amounted to just 23 of Batman & Robin‘s 125 minutes, and in that short span, he managed to drop no less than 27 ice-related puns, which equates to him pocketing over $900,000 for every single one of the jokes that the leading man hated so much.

Mr. Freeze Batman Robin

Most fans would like to pretend as though Batman & Robin never even existed, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Schwarzenegger is in talks with Warner Bros. over a potential cameo in The Flash. Of course, almost everyone to have played a substantial part in any DC adaptation has already been linked with a role, but all bets are apparently off with the multiverse about to be cracked wide open.

So far, the only returnees to be confirmed are Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batmen, and with production on The Flash not set to begin for another few months, we could be waiting a while yet to separate fact from fiction when it comes to stars from DC’s past and present that might be posied for an unexpected comeback in the Scarlet Speedster’s long awaited solo debut.