Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Star In The Toxic Avenger Remake


He may be 65 years old but he isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and better than ever. Ok, maybe not better than ever, but he’s definitely back and after experiencing a bit of success with his last film, The Last Stand, we’re now hearing that he’s added another project to his plate: The Toxic Avenger.

A remake of the 1984 cult movie, the film told the story of Melvin Ferd III, “a 98-pound weakling nerd who falls into a drum of toxic waste, which transforms his body and gives him near super human strength. After dealing with his transformation, the hero takes care of the various gangs and crime bosses in his town of Tromaville.”

Though we don’t have exact details on which direction the remake will head in, Variety tells us that it will be geared towards mainstream audiences and take the form of an action-adventure film. Currently attached to direct is Hot Tub Time Machine‘s Steve Pink, who has been linked to the film for a while.

From what we’re hearing, Arnie isn’t in talks to play the titular hero, but rather he’s looking at another lead role, one which we don’t have specific details on at this time. The remake is currently being pitched at Cannes though so expect to hear more in the near future.

In the meantime, tell us, do you want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger star in The Toxic Avenger? Does anyone even care that this film is being remade? Let us know in the comments below.