Arnold Schwarzenegger Updates On Terminator 5 And Twins Sequel


He promised he’d be back. Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a full-time actor once again — ever since his days as governor of California came to an end, he’s been looking into several acting gigs, many of which require him to reprise iconic roles. The action star recently spoke to Metro UK (via ComingSoon) about a few notable projects he’s currently involved in, such as Terminator 5 and the Twins sequel. When asked about the status of the former, he replied:

“We’re writing it now. There are three projects being written that involve me. One is Terminator 5, the other is a Conan movie that Universal is doing and there’s the sequel to Twins, which is called Triplets. We’ll all look quite different in that. The third triplet is Eddie Murphy, so figure that one out.”

There’s nothing more exciting than a new sequel in the Terminator franchise or a new sequel to Conan the Barbarian, but who cares about Triplets? Sure, the first one was somewhat amusing, but do we really need more of the same? Besides, Eddie Murphy’s presence would automatically ruin it for me. The fact that Arnold and Danny DeVito would agree to star in such an obviously doomed film truly baffles me.

Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis are currently working on the script for Terminator 5. The former is neither a great scribe nor a gifted filmmaker, but he’s definitely better at directing than he’s at writing (if you’ve seen Drive Angry, you know what I’m talking about), while the latter penned the infamous Oliver Stone-directed Alexander. Yeah, I’m not exactly a fan of those people, but I’m positive the last thing Terminator 5 will need is thoughtful dialogue.

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