Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have A Villainous Role In Wonder Woman?


Ah yes, the good old Twitter casting rumor. It seems that almost every week a new one pops up, and while most of them lead to nothing at all, sometimes, they actually pan out. Today, we’ve got a pretty intriguing one for you, as fanboys now think that Arnold Schwarzenegger has snagged a role in Wonder Woman.

Let’s rewind a bit first, though. For those unfamiliar with this whole Twitter casting thing, it refers to an attempt to figure out who’s being cast in upcoming films by looking at who directors and other actors recently started following on Twitter. It’s a stretch, to be sure, but like we said, it’s proven itself a decent method to get a scoop in the past and as such, people continue to do it.

This time around, fans have noticed that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, and DC head honcho Geoff Johns have followed The Terminator star on Twitter, leading them to think he may have a role in the upcoming solo outing led by Gal Gadot. The studio hasn’t commented on the rumor just yet, but it’s worth noting that Johns followed Matt Reeves shortly before he was named as director on The Batman and also linked up with Joe Manganiello on social media before he was revealed to be playing Deathstroke. So, make of this what you will.


As for who Schwarzenegger could be playing, that’s still unclear. Speculation points towards him possibly providing the voice of the villainous Ares, and maybe even doing some motion capture as well. That all stems from the fact that if he’s joining this late in the production process, he’s probably not going to be showing his face on camera and is likely just contributing some behind the scenes work during post. But who knows?

Another intriguing theory says that the actor won’t be in Wonder Woman at all but rather, is just getting friendly with the DC folks as he may be playing Mr. Freeze again in The Batman. After all, he played the character back in Batman & Robin and it’d definitely be fun to see him in the role again all these years later. Although, you have to imagine that it’d be a much, much different take on the villain.

Either way, having Arnie join the DC Extended Universe, be it in Wonder Woman or another film, is an exciting prospect and one that we’re hoping pans out.