Arrested Development Movie Still Waiting On Financing

The wait for the return of the Bluth family has been much longer than most fans would like, and it looks like it could be even longer until they hit the big screen as The Film Stage reports that the Arrested Development movie is still in search of financing.

Creator Mitch Hurwitz announced his plan for a feature film and a fourth season last fall, but no substantial plot points had really come our way until now.

In a recent interview though, Hurwitz took a chance to confirm the movie and to shed light on his plans for season four and the upcoming film.

The episodes are an outgrowth of the design of what we hope will be the movie. They precede it. They function as an act one of a movie that we all want to do, but haven’t “sold” yet. The episodes take the audience through the experiences of the characters since the family “fell apart” and how they’re brought together to deal with their new problems. I would give you a hint as to what those problems are, but, really, why rob the fans of being disappointed when they see it on Netflix.

Hurwitz’s description makes it seem that season 4 may draw producers to finance the film, especially if the season does serve as a proper first act. We already know that all the episodes will be released in one day, meaning most die-hard fans will view the season in one sitting anyway, making a sort-of extended movie out of season four.

With how badly fans have wanted more Arrested Development, Hurwitz could probably finance the movie just by asking for donations on the internet, but hopefully some producers buy his idea for the film after the fourth season hits Netflix.

I’ve been excited for another season and a movie for a long time, but I’m a bit wary of all the hype people are giving these new projects. It may be impossible to hit the sky-high standard fans have set.

That being said, I hope the season far exceeds everyone’s expectations, and an Arrested Development movie gets its rightful funding soon.

Feel free to pledge a donation for the film and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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