Is Arrow’s Colton Haynes Up For The Role Of Nightwing?


While the Ben Affleck-starring Batman movie currently has an uncertain future after the resounding flop of Justice League, it’s looking like at least one Bat-verse hero’s journey to the big screen is proceeding quite smoothly. Of course, I’m talking about Nightwing, whose first solo outing is set to begin production very soon under the capable hands of The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay.

Right now, we know absolutely nothing about what the project might offer, but that’s going to change in no time at all according to the man in charge. That’s because McKay recently teased that around Valentine’s Day, we might finally get some casting news and find out who’ll be playing the titular hero. Now, with that aforementioned holiday quickly approaching, fans are getting eager as they wait to hear from the director and though no firm reports have surfaced just yet, we do have an intriguing new development to share with you.

Earlier tonight, Arrow star Colton Haynes took to Twitter to post two interesting Tweets, which you can see below:

Colton Haynes is teasing a role in Nightwing

Of course, these Tweets are far from firm confirmation that Colton Haynes is starring in Nightwing. After all, he could be hinting that the character is coming to the Arrowverse, or maybe that he’ll voice the hero in some kind of animated project. Then again, this could mean nothing at all and he might just be trolling his fans, as so many actors do.

Still, we are intrigued, as Haynes would be a great pick for the role, given that he both looks the part and has more than proven he has the chops to play Dick Grayson. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that he’s far from the only one who’s been linked to the project, as names like Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), Zac Efron, Nick Jonas (Jumanji), Matt Bomer and Sean Pignatelli have all surfaced as well. Without any firm update from Warner Bros.’ channels, though, all we can do is continue to speculate.

And speculate we will, because with Chris McKay promising a “badass” interpretation of Nightwing replete with practical effects, the Dick Grayson solo movie has shot straight to the tip-top of our watchlist and we can’t wait to learn who’ll be starring in it.