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More Art Shows Us How Robert Pattinson Could Look As The Next Batman

Some more fan art shows us how Robert Pattinson could look as the DCEU's next Batman, should he ultimately snag the role.


Robert Pattinson isn’t the first person that springs to mind when one thinks of the Caped Crusader.

The former Twilight star has spent the past few years digging into one complex role after another – think The Lost City of Z or High Life, the futuristic sci-fi film for which he’s found much acclaim and praise from critics – but according to the latest Internet scuttlebutt, Pattinson is indeed being eyed for Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Of course, he’s just one name on what’s apparently a very long shortlist that features big talent like Armie Hammer and industry veteran Jon Hamm, though if recent reports are to be trusted, it sounds like Warner Bros. will skew younger (i.e. mid-20s or early 30s) when choosing their Bruce Wayne. Based on that criteria alone, Robert Pattinson would be a decent pick, and we now have some new fan art which gives us an idea of how the actor might look in the role, placing him in Christian Bale’s Batsuit rather than the Frank Miller-inspired one that we saw Affleck don.

As intriguing of an idea as this is, we shouldn’t get too carried away just yet with all the chatter of Pattinson being our next Dark Knight. Again, he’s just one name among many when it comes to who the studio’s looking at and frankly, he doesn’t appear to be at the top of their list, with folks like Kit Harington and the aforementioned Hammer gaining a lot more traction in recent weeks.

Regardless, The Batman is due to arrive on June 25th, 2021, which means we should be getting some casting news before the year is out. In fact, some reports have even said WB plans to make the announcement this summer, so it shouldn’t be too much longer now before we learn of who Affleck’s replacement will be.

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