As James Gunn puts the final nail in the Synderverse coffin, DC diehards make one final plea to Netflix

Image via Warner Bros.

The Snyderverse is dead, bury it, utters James Gunn with his announcement of the first slate of new DC films. But for the absolute hardcore Zack Snyder fans, there’s one last desperate plea to save the series by selling it off to Netflix. Yes, because Netflix is the reliable service you’d want to sell your dream project to.

Among the DC fanbases are many rifts and subsections, as well as a near constant civil war between Gunn-men and Snyder cultists. The divide is almost as simple as a matter of taste, with Gunn’s vibrant comic book nature contrasting deeply with Snyder’s gritty pseudo-realism.

The first slate of Gunn’s DC completely forgoes everything the Snyderverse was, with mourning fans declaring a last ditch effort to get Netflix to pick up their beloved creative’s DC. Which to be brutally honest, is about as likely as Elon Musk’s manned mission to Mars actually happening.

Well worth revisiting is the first slate of the Snyder-led DCEU from nearly a decade ago now. Snyder and Warner’s original plan is laughable now in hindsight, especially looking at how The Flash was intended to release in 2018. Or Cyborg even happening at all.

For better or worse, the Snyder series is gone. Bringing it back is far more likely in comic book form or even extended visual dictionaries. Perhaps there’s a realization which will one day set in that it’s a cult favorite series and rendition. No more, no less. Doesn’t mean the hardcore fans can’t enjoy it or want more from it.

The Snyderverse is available to stream in its entirety on HBO Max.