Jonas Cuarón Will Pen The Lost City For Warner Bros.


Jonas Cuarón, co-writer of this fall’s out-of-this-world success story Gravity, has inked a deal with Warner Brothers to pen the script for their long-in-development Atlantis property, The Lost City. Rumored to once have Peter Jackson circling the project, The Lost City has become a priority project for the studio now that Cuarón is on board to provide the screenplay for this decidedly earth-bound (albeit underwater) tale.

Produced by Akiva Goldsman (along with Torry Tunnell and Joby Harold from Safehouse Pictures), the storyline for The Lost City is being kept under wraps, with the studio stating simply that the film will be “a new take on the mythical underwater kingdom.”

After seeing what a stellar job Cuarón did on Gravity, his attachment to this project must inject it with instant fanboy credibility and bode well for its success. It also practically guarantees that the film will be infused with both grace and unrelenting thrills, as Cuarón will likely weave some Gravity-style magic to create a story designed to effortlessly transport us into this sea-faring realm.

It’s been a while since a major Hollywood studio properly tackled the Atlantis mythos (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island not withstanding), so a big-budget film depicting this undiscovered realm and its mysterious inhabitants is long overdue.

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