Atlas Shrugged Trailer

Well it’s about time we got a trailer for Atlas Shrugged. The film has been in development forever and producer John Aglialoro, who bought the rights in 1992, was going to lose the option if he didn’t get it made soon. So he quickly gathered together a cast that included Jon Polito, Michael Lerner, Taylor Schilling, Graham Beckel, Matthew Marsden, Grant Bowler, Michael O’Keefe, Edi Gathegi and Patrick Fischler. Paul Johansson was hired as director and he also took on the role of John Galt. With cast and director in place, the film went into production.

Based off Ayn Rand’s classic novel of the same name, a lot of people doubted that this film would ever get made. Especially considering how difficult the source material would be to adapt. Well, here we are with the first full trailer for the film and the legions of Atlas Shrugged fans out there can now finally take a look at what Rand’s epic novel will look like on the big screen.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.