Attack The Block Director Says He’s Had Sequel Talks With John Boyega

Attack The Block

The Star Wars saga wasn’t John Boyega’s first brush with extraterrestrial life. Back in 2011, the actor starred in Attack the Blocka British sci-fi film that might not have been a major blockbuster but it’s earned itself a strong cult following in the years since. And now that Boyega’s a massive Hollywood name,  it seems there’s a chance that a sequel could happen in the future.

Writer/director Joe Cornish (co-writer of Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man) revealed on the Script Apart Podcast that he had talks with Boyega about a potential Attack the Block 2 as recently as two months ago. Cornish thinks that the interest in a follow-up only increases as time goes by, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes to materialize.

“We’ve got ideas. I met with John a couple of months ago to talk about it,” the filmmaker revealed. “We’ve always had ideas after the first one, but obviously we’ve both been busy doing different things. In a way, the longer you leave it, the more interesting it is. So that’s all I’ll say.”

Attack The Block

Attack the Block followed the inhabitants of a London tower block on the night that it’s invaded by feral aliens. Boyega wasn’t the only future sci-fi icon in the cast, as Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker also starred. She played a nurse who’s mugged by Boyega’s street gang leader, but then has to team up with the tearaway teens to survive the aliens’ attack.

Boyega’s intense performance as anti-hero Moses is a world away from his turn as the loveable Finn, so it would be fascinating to see him pick up the role years later and to see what happens to Moses as an adult, after he gets some redemption in the first film.

Not that Boyega’s got lots of free time on his hands to do an Attack the Block sequel, mind you. Since his impassioned speech at a BLM protest went viral, heaps of filmmakers have been voicing their interest in working with him on social media – including J.J. Abrams.